Mixing Vessels

Pharma Hygiene Products can supply a wide variety of stainless steel mixing containers and vessels with mixers/agitators mounted on to standard Pharma Hygiene containers, customized Pharma Hygiene containers, or custom stainless steel containers designed to meet your individual specification.


  • Material : stainless steel 316L, 316Ti

  • Surface finish : ≤ 0.2 um

  • Surface polishing : mechanical

  • Pressure : pressure-less / -1/10 bar (g)

  • Temperature: -20°C to 200°C

  • leaning options: CIP / WIP

  • Design : Single, double and triple wall design, heat-able, insulated

  • Flat, flat sloping, cone or dished container bottom

  • Mixing solution ( high shear, propeller, agitator etc. of varying power and speed )

  • Additional ports

  • Jackets ( heated, cooled or insulated )

Mixing Vessels
Mixing Vessels
Mixing Vessels